Irregular verbs – a quick test

Consultez les verbes irréguliers, puis faites ce petit test. Bon chance!

1. I'm looking for Mary __________ her?

2. That's a nice dress, where _________ it?

3. Last week I _________ to Redditch.

4 ________________ to Egypt?

5. Where's Mick? - _______________ for lunch.

6. I _______ this book last week but I _________ it yet

7. I was walking down the street when a dog jumped out and _______ me on the leg.

8. I was so thirsty I _________ three glasses of water.

9. What __________ for dinner?

10. I'm not coming to the restaurant, ____________ .

11. James jumped into his car and ___________ all night to see Mary.

12. Hitchcock ____________ twenty films, but Spielberg ____________ thirty-two.


  1. i’m really happy because my score is 12 / 12 !!! I work in a big company and my english isn’t véry perfect so I take some lessons by DIF it’s interesting but not enough so I ‘m going to learn english by internet
    THANKS ! your site is too interesting !!
    bye bye

  2. Bonsoir,
    j’ai fait sur ce test des verbes irréguliers le score de 9/12; J’en suis ravie.
    Thank you Jonathan to let me improve my english like that. Its really a pleasure.

  3. thank you for your exersices they are very useful and i hope to learn more about ENGLISH not only the grammar rules i want to be as the native speakers by GOD willing goodbye

  4. Effectivement, j’ai 53 ans et je souhaite passer l’Advanced, if….mais les barrières ont se les mets soi-même ne l’oublions pas, donc à vos plumes et bouquins!!!

  5. Thank you for helping us to manoeuvre the
    irregular verbs which are the base
    to learn English .

  6. thanks for those exercises. now i know my
    level and will improve my grammar. thanks

  7. Hie Jonathan
    your courses in english are perfect. You’re helping us so much. Thanks. But we don’t say “nouveaux leçons” in french but “nouvelles leçons”.

    • thank you Aicha, I can’t believe I made such a stupid mistake! I know that ‘leçon’ is feminine, but it’s hard for us English speakers to think about it. I noticed seconds after I hit the ‘send’ button, too late… oops!

    • Yes, it’s not easy, but well done for commenting here in English! Irregular verbs are just part of English vocabulary, learn them in useful sentences and practise a lot, and they will get easier.


    • At the end of the test! the button that was ‘next question’ becomes ‘show results’ click on it to see how you’ve done.

  8. thanks for this exercee
    i read all the exercices that you because i want to learn again the grammars-rules.
    see next week

  9. effectivement,on apprend a tout age je viens de fermer mes 58ans et ca fait un an que j’apprends l’Anglais pour moi et mes enfants et surcoit je suis de l ‘Afrique du nord

  10. Sylvie says you are not stupid because I’m 52 years old and je fais une formation d’Anglais commercial intensif depuis peu et demain passe mon TOEIC. Alors, preuve qu’il n’y a pas d’âge. Tout est question d’envie, de volonté de plaisir et puis c’est quand même super de pouvoir élargir ses connaissances. N’est-ce-pas?

  11. I am very glad to learn english with you. i hope, i will quickly improve my knowledges. Thank you:

  12. Je n’ai parlé que l’anglais scolaire il y a 45 ans et sur le tard je souhaiterais m’y remettre…i’m probably stupid but…

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