Present perfect: What have you done today?

Ceci est un exercice de compréhension. Revisez dans votre livre numérique ‘Free English Grammar’ ce point de grammaire – present perfect.

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What have you done this morning? – Qu’avez-vous fait ce matin?
What did you do yesterday? – Qu’avez-vous fait hier?


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  1. Sir Lewis. Thank you for the explanation,I understand now how and when use the present perfect. Have a nice weekend

  2. please teacher may you tell how to use the ”present perfect progressive or continuous”. thank you very much for your understanding. my name is yanick lukushe and I’m student.

    • You can print it yourself! By the way, one would normally use ‘s’il vous plait’ when requesting things.

  3. bonjour professeur serait-il possible d’avoir le tableau que vous avez fait sur le present perfect jen’arrive pas a le sortir

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