present simple or present progressive (continuous)

Watch the video, then try this exercise. You have to decide if there is a grammatical mistake in the sentences. I’ve added some comments in the answer section.

I don't like travelling with him, he is driving too fast.

Look at the children - they are playing nicely together for a change!

Are you going to the restaurant tonight? What do you eat?

I've got this DVD to watch in English, but I'm not understanding anything

Don't listen to him, he's just being silly.

I go to the cinema tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?

Where's John? He's in the kitchen making dinner.

Are you wanting more coffee? I'm going to make some more.

What does she do? - She is looking after customer relations.

Are you having a meeting with the board today? - Yes, it starts at 11:00


  1. Thank’s a lot for these exercises, it’s so interessant !! to have no confusion between the present and the present continuous
    Good luck

    • Fayrouz,

      ‘interesting’ ! It’s a common mistake, and a quite natural one, there are many adjectives that end in ‘-ant’ in English, but even more that end in ‘-ing’. Thanks for your comment. The learn American English videos are very good, if you want to thank Paul, the teacher who made this video, double click the video and go to his youtube channel.

  2. the explanations are very clear, thanks a lot. However for the last sentence I agree with Annie, I read in several grammar books that we used the present simple to talk about timetable, schedule… if that can help you.

  3. Thank you for all !
    all these excercice are excellent for improve my english
    even if it’s not easy really
    I’ve got really need it, alas.

  4. Concerning the last sentence: “it starts at 11h”, I would say that we use the present simple because it indicates a “schedule or a programme”

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