present simple / past simple |

You should know these verbs and their past forms (prétérit)

Study the list quickly, then use the link below to test yourself.

Je dors - I sleep
j’ai dormi - I slept
Je travaille - I work
j’ai travaillé - I worked
Je regarde - I watch
J’ai regardé - I watched
je mange - I eat
j’ai mangé - I ate
je conduis - I drive
j’ai conduit - I drove
je sors - I go out
je suis sorti - I went out
je lis – I read
j’ai lu – I read [red]
je bois - I drink
j’ai bu - I drank
j’ai… - I have
j’avais - I had

present simple / past simple | Vocbox.

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