Would have: an exercise

Let’s try to use the form “would have + past participle”. For each sentence, say what would have happened if things had been different. There are no right or wrong answers, if you want me to check for mistakes, leave your answers in the comments box or on my Facebook page.

Here’s an example.

The France/England match ended in a draw.
If France had played better, they would have won

Your turn:

1. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter helped organise the revolution in Tunisia
2. I got up late this morning and missed my train to work
3. I wanted to pick her up at the airport, but she didn’t tell me she was coming (pick up = aller chercher)
4. Steve Jobs invented a lot of things. It’s a pity he died young.
5. I didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday.
6. Thank God Marine LePen wasn’t elected president


  1. Sudah saatnya daftar sekolah.. Let’s school.. go to school.. Mari Sekolah .. Ayo Kuliah.. Keep spirit. Semangat selalu sob.. salam sukses. Thanks

  2. 1. failed
    2. If I had got up late this morning, I would have missed my train to work.
    3.If she had told me she had came, I would have picked her up at the airport.
    4. If Steve hadn’t died young, he would have invented a lot of things.
    5.I didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday. I would have came to share with you a glass of beer.
    6.If Marine LePen had elected president, he would have lead us to another international economic crisis

    • 1. my suggestion: if it hadn’t been for social networks, the revolution in Tunisia would have taken longer to organise,
      2. If I hadn’t got up late, I wouldn’t have missed my train…
      3. If she had told me she was coming,
      4. good
      5. If I had known it was your birthday, I would have come to share a glass of beer with you
      6. If Lepen had been elected, she would have led us… (we are using the passive here, so the verb is “be” = had been)

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