Cours de phonétique: diphtongue dans ‘idea’

Beaucoup de francophones prononcent mal le mot ‘idea’ en anglais. Dans la vidéo, je vous explique pourquoi.
La diphtongue à la fin de ce mot est:
phonetique anglaise diphtongue

Vous le trouvez également à la fin des mots suivants:

tear (larme)
career (carrière)

46 thoughts on “Cours de phonétique: diphtongue dans ‘idea’

  1. profanglais Post author


    Thanks for you kind words! I’d help the Spanish-speaking world if I could, but I can’t speak Spanish!

  2. Yves Cédric

    Hi, Jonathan, how are you, It’s the second time that I use this learning program, and It is very interesting for me first and for every person who want to learn easily english. Thank you very much, God bles you

  3. James

    slt ,je vous remercie pour tout ,mais j’aimerais avoir un peu de vocabulaire sur les themes de vacances.merci


    Hello Jonathan
    I’m pleased for you Because I’m learning
    the more easiest the irregulars verbs
    throught you.

  5. profanglais Post author

    YouTube don’t like people downloading videos to their PCs. It is possible if you use a site like You also need a media player that can play ‘flv’ files (flash). A popular free player is VLC.

  6. naziha

    svp pouvez vous m’aider et me dire comment télécharger ces vidéos sur mo PC!merci

  7. Kassogue Aliou

    You are beautifull, it’s great. With you i am learning english fast. Thanks see you soon


    hello mr Jhonathan really i don’t know how know how to thank you about your your benefit couses they help me a lot,i ,i will be very lucky if i will have a o an opportunity to meet you,because your are very kind and you have a good pedagogy

  9. solange soso

    probleme c’est la prononciation de quelques mots en englais! vous pouvez nous envoyer d’autres mots

  10. Mel gnagne louis

    Mr Jonathan i thank so much for what you doing for me so far i can say that ,i learnt many things from you.

  11. Lewis KING

    I think, you are rights teacher with the last simple method that is very explained for new speakers the real pronunciation.

  12. Hela

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for these lessons .Personnally it helps me to revise certain grammar strucutres .Since I left university.But one request please is there any more advanced chapters or units that I can get them.For I am specilized in Enhlish language and I would like to to keep my English level high.
    Thank my Best Teacher & I hope meet someday.
    With my best regards.
    Héla Sliti

  13. Gounel Charles

    Une methode fiable et effiace une bonne maniere de l’enseigner.

    J’aime ça beaucoup,mes remerçiments et mes felicitations.

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