Dix mots difficiles à prononcer en anglais!

Certains mots sont particulièrement difficiles à prononcer en anglais à cause de trois raisons:

1. La phonétique : les sons qui n’existent pas en français comme ‘th’; le ‘r’ anglais, par exemple.
2. L’articulation. Ne pas savoir où placer l’accent tonique; ou quelles sont des syllabes ‘avalées’
3. Les lettres muettes, comme ‘gh’ dans ‘bought’, ‘caught’ ‘through’.

Voici ma liste des dix mots:

1. law
2. horrible
3. develop
4. bought
5. comfortable
6. Birmingham
7. idea
8. perhaps
9. lawyer
10. Thistlethwaite (nom de famille anglais – heureusement il n’y en a pas beaucoup)


  1. Well, I just started to learn English there’s like eight month ago? Anyway, I never learned something in school I learned everything by myself
    . (because of Twitter) I used to go on google translate whenever I had to answer in English to someone (so everytime). I’ve been learning things to myself alone, and now you guys can see that I have some notions, just in case, if you want to get a better vocab or if ya wanna get a better grammar you can try to write movements in English hummm being descriptive, I mean for example: *the green haired woman puts her right hand on her hip, looking at the man, after a little laps of time, a soft sight escapes from her pale lips, a disturbed air is inscribed on her face ect ect..*
    Something like this ( this description was pure shit, but, it was the way I used to describe things in the past, but I was doing everything via google translate and because of that I learned so many things, because I’ve talked with people from Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, U.S.A, UK ect. They were role playing some parody accounts, describing characters’s movements like if they were theses characters IRL. Anyway it’s really a good idea! You maybe need to try it. Because before Twitter I dun even knew how to say ” hello guys” or “how are you?” I knew how to talk in English like a talk in Chinese ( and I still don’t know how to talk in Chinese ;///;) Whatever. I hope I just gave you a good way and easy way to learn English. Bye bye guys, see ya all soon ( I hope!)

  2. Thank you for all things, please ,i don’t have my english book.

    excusez moi je ne sais pas comment faire pour imprimer le document

  3. hello mister jonathan thank s a lot for these lessons please can explain me what it means thistlethwaite
    thistle c chadron thwaite c est terre perdue je presume concernant votre livre j aimerais bien l avoir mais faute de moyen

  4. Goodmorning, JONATHAN !
    Thank you very much. I speak english school because I don’t practice in this french country.
    It ‘s very important for me when I try translate , important fo my Job.

  5. Bonjour Jonathan,
    Je vous remercie pour tous ce que vous faite pour nous c’est vraiment très gentil de votre part. Et je voulais vous signaler un petit problème. Je reçois mes cours depuis le 30 décembre sans les vidéos

    • Znaima,
      Si vous ne pouvez plus ouvrir les liens vers les vidéos, il se peut que hotmail vous empeche de le faire pour raisons de sécurité. Ou bien c’est peut-être votre ordinateur: mettre à jour ‘Flash’ pour visionner les vidéos (les vidéos youtube sont uniquement en ce format .flv)
      Si vous avez encore des problèmes, merci de consulter quelqu’un qui s’y connait en informatique!

  6. The last one is great !!

    With a little practice, I think I’ll manage allright

    Thank you

  7. Hye !! (it’ s correct, please),

    thanks for your help, i’m learning and i’m practising just now,

    It’s difficult to write, i’ve not use dictionnary,

    i must buy it !!!


  8. J’aime beaucoup c’est un exercice très pratique et surtout très utile

    merci Jonathan, vous êtes toujours aussi performant et doué dans vos lessons

  9. Hi Jonathan,

    Very good and thank you. The difficult words for me to pronounce are : Bought and Thistlethwaite. But I continue to practise.

    Again, thank you

    • Girofle,

      Don’t worry, you won’t have to use it very often (unless you happen to meet someone whose name is Thistlethwaite!)

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