Un mot, deux sens, deux prononciations: READ

1. /riːd/ lire (forme base)

“did you read The Lord of the Rings?”

2. /red/ lu (prétérit et participe passé)

“I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to”


Lisez ces phrases à haute voix avec la bonne prononciation de “read”:

1. I read “The Times” every morning on the train
2. Did you read the sign? It’s says, “no entry”.
3. I read in the newspaper yesterday that there was an earthquake in China
4. At school they made us read Shakespeare but I didn’t like it
5. There are some books that you simply must have read before going to university
6. I posted a comment on Youtube, but I don’t think anyone read it
7. I’m sorry, I can’t read your writing

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les réponses

1. /riːd/
2. /riːd/
3. /red/
4. /riːd/
5. /red/
6. /red/
7. /riːd/