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One minute of English: 18th November

Date: the eighteenth of November, 2010. (18th November, 2010)
Useful language: to get stuck : se faire coincé
I got stuck in traffic: j’étais coincé dans les embouteillages
Words of the day: common adjectives

Hello. It’s Thursday the eighteenth of November. I got stuck in traffic on the way to work today and was half an hour late.

I hope your journey to work was better than mine.

Today I’m going to test your knowledge of adjectives. When I say an adjective, I want you to tell me what the opposite of that adjective is.
For example, if I say Happy, you should say Sad. Ready? Here goes.

Clean. (propre)

empty. (vide)

difficult. (difficile)

stupid. (stupide)

hot. (chaud)

heavy. (lourd)

Wide. (large)

Expensive. (cher)

How did you do? Here are the answers. The opposite of clean is dirty.

The opposite of empty is full.

The opposite of difficult is easy.

The opposite of Stupid is clever or intelligent/.

The opposite of hot is cold.

The opposite of heavy is light.

The opposite of wide is narrow.

The opposite of expensive is cheap.

Try to learn these by heart, as you will need them often. Good luck, and see you soon.


Mohamed Arrar send me his answers to an exercise on comparatives. I’m sorry Mohamed, I couldn’t mail you because you didn’t give your address! There was only one error: ‘than’ was missing in 3b.

1- a- these cotton gloves are nice.
b- yes, but the leather ones nicer. (nice)
a- they are also more expensive.(expensive)
2- a- those silk jackets look more attractive than the wool ones.
b- yes, but wool ones are warmer. (warm)
3- a- this purple shirt is an interesting color !
b- yes, but the color is prettier than the design. (pretty).
a- the design is not bad.
b- i think the pattern on that red shirt is better than the pattern on this purple one. (good).
4- a- hey look at this gold ring !it’s nice.
and it’s cheaper than that silver ring.
but it’s smaller than the silver one.
well, yeah. the silver one is bigger than the gold one.
but look at the price tag. one thousand dollars is a lot of money!
this is my answer, can you give me more information for adjectives comparation

You can find more explanations at this page, I’m sorry, the sound quality is not good:

anglais facile cours d’anglais gratuits

comparative forms of adverbs

Thanks to Nadia of Boumerdes for this question.

What’s the difference between an adjective and an adverb? The simplest answer is to say that an adjective describes a noun, while an adverb describes a verb.

ex 1. A slow truck – adjective(slow) + noun.

ex2. The truck was moving slowly – noun + verb + adverb(slowly)

We can compare two things using either adjectives or adverbs:

ex .1 Truck A is slower than truck B

ex 2. Truck A is moving more slowly than truck B

The same principle applies to the irregular forms, and is the same for both adjective and adverb:

good/well – better, bad/badly – worse

ex 1. He speaks good English.
ex2. He speaks English very well.


ex 1. John’s English is better than Peter’s.

ex 2. Jane speaks English better than John.