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Acueil téléphonique – phrases utiles

Voici un petit lexique des phrases utiles quand on est au téléphone:

Comment puis-je vous aider? – How can I help you?
Je vous le/la passe. – I’ll put you through
A quel sujet? – what’s it regarding?/what’s it about?

Il n’est pas là pour l’instant – He’s not here at the moment.
Je peux prendre un message? – Can I take a message?
De la part de qui? – Who’s calling, please?
Ne quittez pas. – hold the line.
Cela ne répond pas – There’s no reply.
Je lui donnerai le message – I’ll give him your message.
C’est occupé /elle est en ligne- The line is busy.
Je lui demanderai de vous rappeler. – I’ll ask him to call you back.
Pourriez-vous rappeler plus tard? – Could you call back later?
Elle sera de retour dans 10 minutes. – She’ll be back in ten minutes.

Business English word of the day: to embezzle

to embezzle : détourner (fonds)

embezzlement : détournement de fonds

My boss was fired last week because he was caught embezzling the company’s finances.

Corrupt politicians are often involved in embezzlement scandals.

This strange word actually has its origins in Old French. The word was ‘bésillier’, meaning to ‘torment’ or ‘destroy’. The anglo-saxon prefix ’em’ was added later, and the meaning was altered to ‘taking money fraudulently’.

Business English word of the day: Overtime

overtime : heures supplémentaires

You can say ‘to do overtime’ or ‘to work overtime’


“I won’t be home till late tonight, I have to do overtime”

“It’s a great job, nine to five and no overtime!”

“Work more to earn more is a good idea in principle, but if your employer won’t give you overtime, it’s not possible.”

Related terms:

part-time : temps partiel
half-time : mi-temps

double time : salaire double (quand on travaille le dimanche ou un jour férié, par exemple)
time and a half : salaire + 50%

“I don’t mind working on Saturdays because I get time and a half”

“Double time and time a half have become things of the past, as many employers only give 7-day contracts, with no obligation to pay more on the weekend or bank holidays”

What are they talking about? No. 6

a. phone call
b. letter
c. report
d. form

Nicky: Have you finished writing your _________ for the boss?
Sergei: Not yet, I made a draft yesterday, but it’s not ready to be submitted.
Nicky: Well, it’s probably not that urgent anyway, once he has read it it will be filed away with thousands of others.

*correct answer: report

What are they talking about? No. 5

a. computer file
b. printer
c. email
d. photograph

Ryan: Help! I can’t find that ________ anymore, it seems to have disappeared!
Marianne: Don’t panic, maybe you just forgot where you saved it.
Ryan: Well the last time I opened it, it was on my desktop
Marianne: And you haven’t modified it since then?
Ryan: No, I hope I haven’t deleted it by mistake!
Marianne: That can happen, that’s why it’s always best to back it up on a disk or your USB key.

correct answer: computer file (fichier, fr)