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New Things Coming Up On The Site!

It’s been a long time since I added any new content to the site – I’m sorry!
During the summer I thought a lot about how I could make anglais-facile.com more useful for you, and perhaps a little more profitable for me. I recently registered a business (auto-entrepreneur in the French system) and so I now am an independent English trainer and teacher.

All in English

I’ve decided to make anglais-facile.com available to everyone, not just French speakers. Of course that means that you have to have a certain level in English, which is obviously your case – you’re reading it now. (Si vous êtes francophone et ne comprenez rien, cliquez ici).

Practise your English by leaving comments in English! You are much more likely to receive a response than if you write in French 😉 I’m sorry, but I can’t reply to all your comments, but I do read them all.

New Books!

I’ve revised my grammar book. Essentially the content is the same except for one new chapter on articles, a list of adjectives and more questions forms. The big difference is the format: most units are now on one page and I have changed the images to black and white. This will make it easier and more economical to print the pages that you want.

If you look at the top left corner of the unit headings, you will see a play icon. Click on these to view an explanatory video. I made most of them with some French explanations, others are taken from some excellent teaching sites on YouTube. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find mistakes in Claire’s French (I wrote them). Her English accent is very bad, but her students speak perfect English.

Here is an example of a video that you will find when you download the book:

To get the book, and the new Questions for Conversation, simply enter your email in the box on the right. Do this even if you are already a subscriber, I’m changing my mailing list.

Conversation Questions

As I’m now teaching conversation on Skype, I’ve compiled a big set of more than 300 questions on a wide range of topics, including some business English. I’m making this document available to everyone for free. It will be useful for you to learn some questions that you can use in your own conversations, and to practise answering them!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to practise with me. I offer 30-minute sessions for only 7€50. If you sign up for just one lesson, I’ll give you my book ‘Mindmapping Business English” which is worth 7€.

England versus Algeria – Why I’m supporting Algeria tonight

England started the world cup as one of the favourites – they always do, and they always disappoint us. Basically a bunch of overpaid yobbos who can’t rise to the occasion probably because they get so much money playing club football that playing for their country isn’t really that important.

I don’t see why I should have to support the country where I was born. I don’t have a lot to be proud about, just a financial mess, binge-drinking and xenophobia. A report about English children going to school in the Dordogne region of France received this comment:

“c’est mignon quand c’est petit, mais quand ça grandit, ça devient pute ou hooligan” (they’re cute when they’re young, but when they grow up they become tarts or hooligans)

I have to agree!

The idea of being loyal to one’s country is one that has been indoctrinated into us for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t always like this. In medieval times, men would fight for whichever side offered them the most money, or the best protection, or simpy the best chance of winning.

I’ve been in France for nine years now, and have more French, Algerian, Morrocan and African friends than English friends, so let’s hear it for African football, and hope that an African team wins in South Africa

Recommended Blog

I just wanted to a share a link with you – it’s a blog by a very talented young English teacher called Luki Bancher.



Luki Bancher est un jeune professeur d’anglais au parcours sans histoire : après un an passé aux Etats-Unis (1997-1998) pour parfaire son anglais après le bac (1996-1997), il passe un DEUG et une Licence d’anglais agrémentée d’un séjour Erasmus en Angleterre (2000-2001). Luki décide d’ailleurs d’y retourner en tant qu’assistant l’année suivante, pour y rédiger un mémoire sur Le Seigneur des Anneaux, tout en préparant le reste de sa Maîtrise par correspondance. Malgré sa passion pour la langue de Shakespeare et la culture anglo-saxonne, il ne cesse cependant de crayonner dans les marges, même l’année du concours (2003-2004). Celui-ci en poche, l’envie de dessin renvoie encore et toujours Luki au 9e art. Ainsi commence naturellement à germer le projet d’un blog-BD, qui proposerait également des ressources pédagogiques.

Ce blog est aujourd’hui en ligne : Luki y présente une semaine de son emploi du temps en classe avec ses élèves et collègues, heure après heure de cours. Toutes les anecdotes sont ainsi tirées de situations réelles, puisqu’il a enseigné dans tous les niveaux décrits.

En bref, ce blog s’attache à montrer que le quotidien scolaire recèle de nombreux moments savoureux et que la « routine » contient elle-même une richesse insoupçonnée. Ce témoignage se veut sans parti pris mais de première main, à la fois tendre, humoristique et parfois (un peu) grinçant.

Visitez le site de Luki.

Probably the best guitarist in the world: Pierre Bensusan

La femme cambrée (The Arched Back Woman)

If you lived in the United States, and were a fan of acoustic guitar music, folk, celtic, contemporary or jazz, you would surely know who Pierre Bensusan is. In fact, he appears regularly of the covers of guitar magazines and is often voted ‘best fingerstyle guitarist in the world’. He is the guitarists’ guitarist, if you can play, you’ll understand more fully just how brilliant Pierre Bensusan is. But it’s not just about technique, like some metal guitarists who don’t know how to put feeling and emotion into their music. Pierre Bensusan makes his guitar come alive, as if he and his instrument are one.

I discovered Pierre Bensusan through my guitar teacher, Bill Brennan (I owe you one, Billy!). I was already fascinated by the possibilities of tuning my guitar differently, especially the tuning DADGAD used by John Renbourn in his song ‘Sandwood down to kyle’ which remains my favourite song to play myself to this day.

What I find incredible though, is the fact that very few people have heard of Pierre Bensusan in France, although he is of French nationality and still lives in France. Wake up you people!! You have the greatest living guitarist, a genius like no other, and you don’t care! This man has more talent than Johnny Halliday, Claude François, Serge Gainsbourg rolled together, so stop living in the past and start appreciating the fine things you have today.

If groups like Revolver spent some time listening to people like Pierre Bensusan, perhaps they would actually learn something about music, instead of writing three-chord pop songs with stupid, meaningless English lyrics.

Do yourself a favour and buy a Pierre Bensusan album today. Give this incredible talent the recognition it deserves.

My new assistant

muffin the kitten

It’s hard being a one-man website, so I decided get some help. Unfortunately, Muffin only sleeps in my in-tray and his typing skills are useless – just lines of wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.

Plus the irrestible urge to squeeze him, that distracts me from my work – he’ll have to find another place for his siestas…

On a serious note, what makes something ‘cute’ (mignon, fr)? A kitten or a puppy has two eyes, a nose, a mouth, just like any other animal, so what do we find so attractive about these furry friends. What about people – what makes one person more beautiful than another? Just thinking out loud…