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Comparatives and superlatives

Note: I would find it quite normal to say clever – cleverer – cleverest, which contradicts the two syllable or more rule, but I can’t think of any other exceptions.

bête comme tes pieds…

As stubborn as a mule : têtu comme un mule

Les anglophones adorent ces expressions. Choisissez un mot qui complète les phrases suivantes:

nails, silk, gold, a bat, a dodo, a post, a parrot, houses,
a brick, a peacock, a flash, a mouse,

1. (sage) As good as…
2. (dur) As hard as…
3. (stupide)As thick as…
4. (aveugle) As blind as…
5. (sourd) As deaf as…
6. (malade, déçu) As sick as…
7. (fier) As proud as…
8. (lisse) As smooth as
9. (sûr) As safe as…
10 (rapide) As quick as …
11. As quiet as…
12. As dead as…


1. (sage) As good as…gold (or)
2. (dur) As hard as… nails (clous)
3. (stupide)As thick as… a brick (une brique)
4. (aveugle) As blind as… a bat (une chauve-souris)
5. (sourd) As deaf as… a post (un poteau)
6. (malade, déçu) As sick as… a parrot (un perroquet)
7. (fier) As proud as… a peakcock (paon)
8. (lisse) As smooth as… silk (soie)
9. (sûr) As safe as… houses (maisons)
10 (rapide) As quick as … a flash (un éclair)
11. As quiet as… a mouse (souris)
12. As dead as… a dodo (dodo = oiseau disparu au 18eme siècle )

anglais facile cours d’anglais gratuits


This is a short review of how to compare two different things in English. A very common mistake is to use ‘more’ everywhere it’s more easy! It’s easier. Here are the rules:

short adjectives like big, small, old, young – you simply add ‘er’ to the end. Note that the final consonant doubles where there is only one big – bigger, sad – sadder

New York is Bigger than Paris

Adjectives that end in ‘-y’ change to ‘ier’.

I’m happier now than last year (happy)

Long adjectives take ‘more’:

Paris is more interesting than Paris

Exercise: Fill the gaps by changing the adjective given to make a comparative

1. John is ___________ than Mary (old)
2. The Taj Mahal is _______________ than Big Ben (beautiful)
3. Charlie Chaplin was __________ than Laurel and Hardy (funny)
4. French grammar is _____________ than English (complicated)
5. Mount Everest is _____________ than Mont Blanc (tall)
6. A Ferrari is ____________ than a Mini (fast)
7. A Gorilla is ____________ than a human (hairy)
8. It’s ____________ in Marseille than in Paris (sunny)
9. It’s _______________ to find a job in Marseille than in Paris (difficult)
10. I arrived on time, but Jim came 10 minutes __________ than me (late).

Don’t forget that all this is in the printable ‘Free English Grammar’, my free e-book. You can download it here

1. older
2. more beautiful
3. funnier
4. more complicated
5. taller
6. faster
7. hairier
8. sunnier
9. more difficult
10. later