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Comparatifs et superlatifs 2

Regardez la vidéo et faites les exercices proposés.
Voici un petit rappel:

Comparatifs / Superlatifs

Adjectifs courts (1 syllabe)
ex : big
tall + er / + est

I’m taller than / I’m the tallest

Adjectifs en -y
ex : happy
crazy craz + ier / + iest (attention, -y est remplacé par -i)

I’m happier than / I’m the happiest

Adjectifs de 2, 3 et 4 syllabes
ex : modern

more / the most
less / the least

more modern than / the most modern

Comparatifs et superlatifs 1

Regardez la vidéo et essayez de repérer comparatifs et superlatifs et leur structure. Demain vous pourrez réviser vos connaissances sur le sujet avec une vidéo plus “grammaticale”.
Vous pouvez aussi établir le classement des plus belles langues du monde si ça vous amuse.

En attendant, un petit rappel:

Comparatifs :

old – older than
big – bigger than
good – better than

Which is bigger, New York or San Francisco?
Can he cook better than you?

Superlatifs :

cold – the coldest
beautiful – the most beautiful

Which is the coldest country in the world?
Which is the most beautiful language?


Mohamed Arrar send me his answers to an exercise on comparatives. I’m sorry Mohamed, I couldn’t mail you because you didn’t give your address! There was only one error: ‘than’ was missing in 3b.

1- a- these cotton gloves are nice.
b- yes, but the leather ones nicer. (nice)
a- they are also more expensive.(expensive)
2- a- those silk jackets look more attractive than the wool ones.
b- yes, but wool ones are warmer. (warm)
3- a- this purple shirt is an interesting color !
b- yes, but the color is prettier than the design. (pretty).
a- the design is not bad.
b- i think the pattern on that red shirt is better than the pattern on this purple one. (good).
4- a- hey look at this gold ring !it’s nice.
and it’s cheaper than that silver ring.
but it’s smaller than the silver one.
well, yeah. the silver one is bigger than the gold one.
but look at the price tag. one thousand dollars is a lot of money!
this is my answer, can you give me more information for adjectives comparation

You can find more explanations at this page, I’m sorry, the sound quality is not good:

anglais facile cours d’anglais gratuits

Not as hot as yesterday

Although it is quite possible to say “it’s less hot” or “it’s less interesting” English speakers generally avoid this construction. Here are a few examples that you can use as reminders:

New York is bigger than London – … plus grande que…

Philosophy is more interesting than physics – … plus intéressante que …

London is as big as Paris – …aussi grande que…

physics isn’t as interesting as philosophy –moins intéressante que

It’s not as hot as yesterday – il fait moins chaud qu’hier

comparative forms of adverbs

Thanks to Nadia of Boumerdes for this question.

What’s the difference between an adjective and an adverb? The simplest answer is to say that an adjective describes a noun, while an adverb describes a verb.

ex 1. A slow truck – adjective(slow) + noun.

ex2. The truck was moving slowly – noun + verb + adverb(slowly)

We can compare two things using either adjectives or adverbs:

ex .1 Truck A is slower than truck B

ex 2. Truck A is moving more slowly than truck B

The same principle applies to the irregular forms, and is the same for both adjective and adverb:

good/well – better, bad/badly – worse

ex 1. He speaks good English.
ex2. He speaks English very well.


ex 1. John’s English is better than Peter’s.

ex 2. Jane speaks English better than John.