conditionals: review

If I were you, I’d (=I would) get more rest si j’étais toi, je me reposerais davantage Practice: answer the questions in the comments section of this post

Answer these questions: second conditional practice

This question is in the second conditional: If + past + I would + infinitive If I worked in a chocolate factory, I would hate eating chocolate. Si je travaillais dans une chocolaterie, je détesterais manger du chocolat What would you do if you won ten million Euros on the lottery? Que feriez-vous si vous […]

Conditional 2: What would you do if…?

Conditional 2: En français on emploie le conditionnel: je ferais tu ferais il ferait Vous feriez Nous ferions etc Et l’imparfait avec ‘si’ Si j’étais toi, je demanderais son avis. In English, the formula is: If + past + would + infinitive If I were you, I would ask her opinion. Si j’étais président, je […]

Conditional 1 What will you do if…?

Le conditionnel n’est pas ‘un temps’. En anglais, il n’y a pas de conjugaison pour les conditionnels, mais les verbs modaux, will et would On dénombre les conditionnels selon la probabilité: 1: probable : s’il fait beau demain, elle ira à la plage 2: peu probable, hypothétique: Si j’étais vous, je ferais 3: le passé, […]

Using would for the past

When I lived in London, I would do my shopping late at night What do you understand from this sentence? You may have learned that “would” is used as a conditional, describing unlikely or hypothetical situations. That’s obviously not the case here, as there is no “if” and a past verb,”lived”. “Would” can be the […]