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Watch BBC flatmates : episode 7

rent: louer
broke: à sec/fauché
to tighten one’s belt : serrer la ceinture
flush (argot britannique) : sans problémes d’argent
Catch: piège

Watch BBC flatmates: episode 2

he’s missing his friends : ses amis le manquent

Pouvez-vous identifier l’erreur qu’a fait Michal?

a; near Warsaw, the Polish capital
b; I’m a guide tourist
c; to improve my English

b; I’m a guide tourist : il aurait dû dire: I’m a tourist guide

BBC Flatmates: episode 1

Notez ces deux questions:

What does he look like? (il est comment – physiquement)

What is he like? (il est comment – sa personalité)

shaved : tondu / rasé
well built: bien bati
handsome: beau (plutôt pour un homme, on dit ‘beautiful’ pour une fille)
shy : timide

He’s crying: il pleure

what’s wrong? qu’est-ce qui ne va pas?

Débutants: salutations

Grammar exercise: to be

Infinitive: to be

Present simple:
I am (je suis) I’m
You are (tu es/vous êtes) You’re
He is (il est) He’s
She is (elle est) She’s
It is (c’est) It’s
One is (on est) One’s
We are (nous sommes) we’re
They are (ils/elles sont) they’re

I’m not / am I?
You’re not/ are you?
He’s not / is he?
We’re not / are we?


Fill the gap with the correct form of B:

1. It _____ a red t-shirt.
2. I ______ English.
3. You ______ not alone.
4. Kevin ______ 20 years old.
5. My brothers ______ older than me.
6. My colleague and I ______ late for work.
7. I ______ cold, put the heating on.


2. am
3. are
4. is
5. are
6. are
7. am

Exercise 2: use the comment box to answer these questions:
example: (name?) : My name is Jonathan
(from?) I’m from Birmingham, England

1. (name?)
2. (from?)
3. (age?)
4. (job?)
5. (married or single?)