l’alphabet en anglais

These seven words have the same vowel sounds as the letters in the alphabet. Practise spelling your name in English.

1 say : a, h, j, k
2 see : b, c, d, e, g, p, t, v, z (in american english)
3 bed : f, l, m, n, s, x, z (zed – in british english)
4 eye : i, y
5 go : o
6 you : q, u, w
7 car : r

Watch the video, then practise saying the following initials in English:

ASAP (as soon as possible)
DIY (do it yourself – le bricolage)
YMCA (like the song! it stands for ‘Young Men’s Christian Association’)

Easier way! Try singing along with this song for children: