Conversation Questions: What kind of food do you like?

Jenny invites Jake to an Indian restaurant, but Jake doesn’t like Indian food. What food does he like? We’re going out for a meal tonight, would you like to come? Why not? Where are you going? We’re going to the new Indian restaurant that opened in Islington. Ah. I don’t really like Indian food. What? […]

ESL conversation questions: Are you afraid of flying?

From Unit 11 of the book, Questions for Conversation. Jenny asks Jeremy about his business trip to Prague, and admits being afraid of flying. Transcript: Hey Jeremy, how was your trip? Fine, thanks, the meeting was productive and I got to see a little of Prague How was the flight? Great. No problems. You can’t […]

ESL Conversation Questions: What do you do? (what’s your job?)

Transcript! You must be Clive. I’m Jenny. Nice to meet you, Jenny. Welcome to the company. You work in marketing, don’t you? No, I work in accounts. I’m the new payroll clark. Oh. So Jeremy’s your boss, then? Yeah. I like him. He’s nice. Wait till you get to know him, you might change your […]