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Conversation Questions: What kind of food do you like?

Jenny invites Jake to an Indian restaurant, but Jake doesn’t like Indian food. What food does he like?

We’re going out for a meal tonight, would you like to come?

Why not? Where are you going?

We’re going to the new Indian restaurant that opened in Islington.

Ah. I don’t really like Indian food.

What? How can you not like Indian food? Everybody here just loves it.

I’m afraid I have a fragile stomach, and spicy food makes me ill.

Oh, that’s such a pity. What kind of food do you like?

I guess my favourite cuisine is Italian. You just can’t beat a good lasagne or carpaccio.

Do you know a good pizza restaurant? I mean, not a big chain like Pizza Hut, but a real Italian one?

I sure do. And it’s not far from where you live.

Really? What’s it called?

It’s called Luigi’s, and it’s just off Station Road.

Oh yes. I know the one you mean. I’ve never tried it.

You should.

I’ll tell you what. Next time we all go to the restaurant, we’ll go to that one, and you’re definitely invited!

It’s a deal. Have a nice time tonight.

esl conversation questions
esl conversation questions: what kind of food do you like? talking about food and restaurants

ESL conversation questions: Are you afraid of flying?

From Unit 11 of the book, Questions for Conversation.

Jenny asks Jeremy about his business trip to Prague, and admits being afraid of flying.


Hey Jeremy, how was your trip?

Fine, thanks, the meeting was productive and I got to see a little of Prague

How was the flight?

Great. No problems. You can’t beat British Airways for service.

It’s all right for you. The company pays for your flights.
Only economy class, though. I wish they would pay for business class!

You should be so lucky! I can only afford to fly with low-cost airlines.

They are really not that bad, are they? I flew with Easyjet last year and the service was very good.

I know. I have to admit that I don’t like flying that much.

Are you afraid of flying?

No. I’m afraid of crashing! I know it’s supposed to be the safest way to travel, but if you crash, you haven’t got much chance, have you?

True, but it’s still safer than driving. I nearly had an accident on the way to work this morning. Honestly, people are so aggressive when they drive.

Yes, but what makes people afraid of flying is not being in control. When you are in your car you think that you are in control of the situation, more or less. But when you’re on a plane, there are so many things that can go wrong and you can’t do anything about it.

I hadn’t thought about it like that. Thanks, Jenny, now I’m going to be scared stiff next time I get on a plane!

ESL Conversation Questions: What do you do? (what’s your job?)


You must be Clive. I’m Jenny.

Nice to meet you, Jenny.

Welcome to the company. You work in marketing, don’t you?

No, I work in accounts. I’m the new payroll clark.

Oh. So Jeremy’s your boss, then?

Yeah. I like him. He’s nice.

Wait till you get to know him, you might change your mind!

Really. What’s he like?

Only joking. He’s really nice. Just a bit disorganized, that’s all.

I’m going to sort him out!

That won’t be easy, he’s been in that job for twenty years.

Twenty years? That’s a long time.

Yes. He’s been here longer than anyone else.

What’s your job here?

I work in customer support.

What do you do?

I’m a technician. I deal with the problems that the call center people can’t sort out.

Sounds like fun.

It can be interesting. But by the time customers reach me, they are often pretty upset or angry, so I have to calm them down before trying to solve their problems.

Quite a challenge, then.

Yes, but I like it. I like being able to solve problems for people.

ESL Conversation Questions: Where do you live? Are you married? Have you got (any) children?


I just made it on time, I had to wait twenty minutes for a train.

Do you have far to come?

I live in Harrow, so it’s about forty minutes on the underground.

That’s zone five isn’t it? It must cost you a lot in travelling.

Sure does, but with a travel card, I can use it evenings and weekends as well.

That’s what I do. Pity the company won’t pay our travelling.

What about you? Where do you live?

I live in Hampstead.

Nice! You must be on a good salary!

You’re joking! I rent a tiny apartment with three other girls!

So you’re not married then? Got a boyfriend?

No. I’m happy to be single at the moment. I’m having too much fun to be bothered about boys. What about you?

Yeah, I’ve got a girlfriend. We’ve been together since university.

Any kids?

Oh no. Too young for that. Maybe in a few years when we can afford a decent place to live.

London’s so expensive, isn’t it?

You can say that again.

ESL Conversation Questions: What’s your name?

From the first unit in your book, Questions for Conversation – Getting to know you.
I admit that it’s not very likely to ask someone so many questions when meeting for the first time. These questions are most often found as an icebreaker activity in the language classroom.

In the video, I’ve made a more realistic scene where Sheena welcomes a new employee to the company. Questions about his family and hobbies are not appropriate on this occasion, they will come later when the two of them feel more comfortable.

Hi, you’re new here, aren’t you?

Yeah, I just started this morning. I’m the new payroll clark.

What’s your name?

It’s Clive.

Nice to meet you, Clive. My name’s Sheena.

Nice to meet you, Sheena.

Are you working in this office?

Yes, Jeremy said I could have this desk in the corner.

That’s fine. My desk is just opposite, so if you need any help, just ask me!

Thanks, that’s very kind of you. I’m going to need some time to get used to things.

Is this your first job?

No, I worked for a bank in the city for two years, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to do.

Oh right. Welcome to the company, I hope you’re going to like it here!