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ESL Conversation: Get Lost

“to get lost” = se perdre

A: Sorry I’m late, I got lost on the way here
B: How could you get lost, you’ve been here before!
A: Yes, but there was a diversion because of roadworks and the signs weren’t clear as usual
B: Haven’t you got a satnav?
A: Yes, but it doesn’t know when there are roadworks, does it?

A: Désolé pour le retard, je me suis perdu en route
B: Comment ça se fait, tu es déjà venu ici!
A: Oui, mais il y a eu une déviation à cause de travaux, et bien sûr ce n’était pas bien indiqué
B: T’as pas un GPS? (on peut dire GPS en anglais aussi)
A: Oui, il ne sait pas quand il y a des travaux, hein?

Prononciation : Pull/Pool (minimal pairs)



Voici est le symbol pour la voyelle qu’on entend dans le mot “good”






Voici est le symbol pour la voyelle qu’on entend dans le mot “fruit”




Certains mots n’ont qu’une petite différence au niveau de prononciation comme “pull/pool”. On appelle ces mots (en anglais) “minimal pairs”.

Dans la video j’ai utilisés les mots suivants comme exemples:

wood/wooed (vieux mot qui veut dire “courtiser, faire la cour à quelqu’un)
look/ Luke (prénom)

D’autres exemples de mots avec [uː] et [ʊ]



How to use “until” in English

Generally, until is translated as ‘jusqu’à’ in French. In negative sentences, it’s probably ‘avant’. The example in the video:

“She didn’t get married until she was 35″ – Elle ne s’est mariée pas avant l’age de 35 ans”

Conversation Questions: What kind of food do you like?

Jenny invites Jake to an Indian restaurant, but Jake doesn’t like Indian food. What food does he like?

We’re going out for a meal tonight, would you like to come?

Why not? Where are you going?

We’re going to the new Indian restaurant that opened in Islington.

Ah. I don’t really like Indian food.

What? How can you not like Indian food? Everybody here just loves it.

I’m afraid I have a fragile stomach, and spicy food makes me ill.

Oh, that’s such a pity. What kind of food do you like?

I guess my favourite cuisine is Italian. You just can’t beat a good lasagne or carpaccio.

Do you know a good pizza restaurant? I mean, not a big chain like Pizza Hut, but a real Italian one?

I sure do. And it’s not far from where you live.

Really? What’s it called?

It’s called Luigi’s, and it’s just off Station Road.

Oh yes. I know the one you mean. I’ve never tried it.

You should.

I’ll tell you what. Next time we all go to the restaurant, we’ll go to that one, and you’re definitely invited!

It’s a deal. Have a nice time tonight.

esl conversation questions
esl conversation questions: what kind of food do you like? talking about food and restaurants

ESL Conversation Questions: Where do you live? Are you married? Have you got (any) children?


I just made it on time, I had to wait twenty minutes for a train.

Do you have far to come?

I live in Harrow, so it’s about forty minutes on the underground.

That’s zone five isn’t it? It must cost you a lot in travelling.

Sure does, but with a travel card, I can use it evenings and weekends as well.

That’s what I do. Pity the company won’t pay our travelling.

What about you? Where do you live?

I live in Hampstead.

Nice! You must be on a good salary!

You’re joking! I rent a tiny apartment with three other girls!

So you’re not married then? Got a boyfriend?

No. I’m happy to be single at the moment. I’m having too much fun to be bothered about boys. What about you?

Yeah, I’ve got a girlfriend. We’ve been together since university.

Any kids?

Oh no. Too young for that. Maybe in a few years when we can afford a decent place to live.

London’s so expensive, isn’t it?

You can say that again.