ESL Conversation: Get Lost

“to get lost” = se perdre A: Sorry I’m late, I got lost on the way here B: How could you get lost, you’ve been here before! A: Yes, but there was a diversion because of roadworks and the signs weren’t clear as usual B: Haven’t you got a satnav? A: Yes, but it doesn’t […]

Prononciation : Pull/Pool (minimal pairs)

  Voici est le symbol pour la voyelle qu’on entend dans le mot “good”         Voici est le symbol pour la voyelle qu’on entend dans le mot “fruit”       Certains mots n’ont qu’une petite différence au niveau de prononciation comme “pull/pool”. On appelle ces mots (en anglais) “minimal pairs”. Dans […]

How to use “until” in English

Generally, until is translated as ‘jusqu’à’ in French. In negative sentences, it’s probably ‘avant’. The example in the video: “She didn’t get married until she was 35″ – Elle ne s’est mariée pas avant l’age de 35 ans”

Conversation Questions: What kind of food do you like?

Jenny invites Jake to an Indian restaurant, but Jake doesn’t like Indian food. What food does he like? We’re going out for a meal tonight, would you like to come? Why not? Where are you going? We’re going to the new Indian restaurant that opened in Islington. Ah. I don’t really like Indian food. What? […]

ESL Conversation Questions: Where do you live? Are you married? Have you got (any) children?

Transcript: I just made it on time, I had to wait twenty minutes for a train. Do you have far to come? I live in Harrow, so it’s about forty minutes on the underground. That’s zone five isn’t it? It must cost you a lot in travelling. Sure does, but with a travel card, I […]

Money idioms

Look at the following idioms about money. Which one is the best one to go into the sentences below? Feel the pinch Tighten your belt Make ends meet money down the drain On a shoestring In the red Select the correct idiom to complete the following sentences: 1.When you are unemployed, it’s difficult to ______________________ […]

How to beg successfully (mendier)

Top tips for begging *where smart clothes *Beg in front of a bakery *ask for an exact amount *hide your wine bottle *make a sign about the people, not about yourself *ask a man, they give more often than women!