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Rhyming Expressions 3: Doom and Gloom

Is the news all doom and gloom? For two weeks it’s not all doom and gloom on the television and in the newspapers as journalists celebrate medals won at the Olympic games.
But there’s lots of doom and gloom when one talks about the economy or the Middle East or the future of Birmingham City FC (my football club)!!
The video explains what doom and gloom means and gives some advice on learning this and other English expressions.

What’s your claim to fame? Rhyming Expressions 2

What’s your claim to fame?
Have you ever met someone famous?
Ever been in the newspaper or on television?
Tell me your claim to fame if you have one!

Expressions that Rhyme part 1: Use it or lose it, no pain, no gain

A couple of expressions that rhyme. They are used a lot, perhaps too much, by native speakers, but they are easy to remember thanks to the rhymes.

Look out for opportunities to use these expressions in your conversations!

Animal similes with the “as as” construction

Do you know how to say “têtu comme une mule” in English? Watch the video to learn five animal similes that are very common in English. Learning them and using them will help you to sound more natural in English.

About Politics

désolé, ce personage fait une erreur de prononciation sur le mot ‘shining’ il devrait dire “shai (comme sky) ning, and not shIn (comme in) ing!

Hello there. How are you today? I’m not so bad. I’m just getting a little fed up with all the politics in the media. I’ll be glad when it’s all over. I don’t honestly believe that things will change much whoever gets elected. I mean, why do we always believe the promises that politicians make? Since when have they ever kept them? Someone once said, the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn anything from history. I think that just about sums it up, don’t you?

Apart from that, the sun’s shining today, which is good. Makes a change from all the rain we’ve had recently.

Well, don’t get too bored during the presidential debate tonight, I’ll see you soon.

to get fed up: commencer à en avoir marre
just about sums it up : ç’est un bon résumé
get too bored : s’ennuyer