Watch BBC Flatmates : episode 15

It’s a quiet night for Alice at the hospital. She phones Helen for a chat. Find out what they’re talking about in episode 15 – A heart-to-heart – from BBC Learning English.

Watch BBC flatmates : episode 14

Tim is working in the department store when a customer drops something. Find out what, in episode 14 – Tim strikes it rich – from BBC Learning English. proverb: ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ : un idiot et son argent sont vite séparés! to wrap : emballer wrapping paper: papier cadeau

Watch BBC flatmates : episode 13

Tim has tells Alice a surprising secret about their landlord. Find out who in episode 13 – Tim spills the beans – from BBC Learning English. to spill the beans (renverser les haricots – lit) : révéler un secret – ‘cracher le morceau’ a cuppa : (argo britannique) – a cup of tea : une […]