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Google Auto Complete – des questions fréquemment posées

Très intéressant (et amusant) de voir les questions qui posent les internautes sur Google! En-dessous le diaporama vous donne quelques exemples:

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Recherche Google: Why is… ?

Quand on commence à taper des mots sur Google, le moteur de recherche propose des recherches fréquentes. Pour les apprenants d’anglais, c’est un bon moyen de voir des phrases et des questions utilisées par les natifs.
J’ai été très surpris, d’ailleurs, de trouver pour la question “why is”, la suggestion “why is my poop green?” (pourquoi mon caca est vert)!
Les autres questions fréquemment posées sur internet (selon Google)sont:
Why is the sky blue?
Why is Ziva leaving NCIS? – (à propos d’une série policier américaine)
Why is the government shut down? (problèmes budgetaires aux EU)
Why is the ocean salty?











Google Wonder Wheel (roue magique)

An interesting way to expand your vocabulary and see how words are used in context is a new feature of Google’s called Wonder Wheel, in French ‘roue magique’.

On the Google results page, you can see a link called ‘show options’. When you click here a side bar will open. Click on Wonder Wheel.

Wonder Wheel creates a kind of mind map that shows related search terms around the original. By clicking on a branch, another wheel is made. The actual results are displayed alongside the wheel. This feature is good for find collocations – words that go together, or just related synonyms that could help to enrich your English.
Here is an example. If you type the word ‘theft’, you will find on the Wonder Wheel the word ‘robbery’. Click on this word and you will get another Wonder Wheel with more related words, ‘burglary’ is one example. When you search for ordinary nouns like this, very often in the results you find a wikipedia entry. Go there to get an English definition of the word.  Just keep clicking on the branches that interest you to discover more!

Click on the image above to go to the Google search results, and play with Wonder Wheel yourself!