‘I went’ – vos messages corriges

Je remercie tous ceux qui m’ont envoyé des réponses à la leçon ‘I went’. Ci-dessous vous trouverez quelques uns de vos messages avec mes commentaires. Je suis désolé si le votre n’est pas là, mais soyez assuré que je les ai tous lus.

On saturday, i went in to a feast party, i left from there late arround 3 o’ clock AM, end then i was on in bed all of my time.
Commentaire: Jours de la semaine et ‘I’ en majuscules. ‘feast’ aujourd’hui se traduit ‘festin’ en français

i am from tunisia i went to tunis our capital there lives my sister and some of my cousins i went to Sidi Bou Saïd, a beautiful touristic village at the coast with a very nice beach i spent a marvellous weekend.
commentaire: ‘I’ en majuscules, ‘weekend’ en un seul mot.

For my last vacation I went in Zambia with my wife to visit my brother who lives there. I was very happy to go in that country because I have profited to practice my English.
commentaire: ‘profited to’ n’est pas clair en anglais. Mieux vaut dire tout simplement: ‘I was able to practise my English’

Last week I went to Algiers, I HAVE bought many things , for yesterday I went to constantine to see my friend girl girlfriend , and at midnight I sow saw a movie in TV
commentaire: la semaine dernière est terminée, donc pas de ‘have’ devant le verbe. ‘I have bought’ nous suggère un fort lien avec le présent. A reviser: ‘present perfect/past simple’

Yesterday I went to Mont Ste -Anne at a meeting to meet up with friends. We are going a restaurant and we have a conversation all afternoon. It is was snowing, it is very beautifull day. we have had a very pleasant day.
commentaire: voire ci-dessus, l’auxiliaire ‘have’.

Last weekend,i went to the coffe café with my friend.
commentaire: ‘coffee’ – une boisson chaude; ‘café’ un endroit où on bois du café!
(Prononcé: ‘ka fay’)

Recently i went in to the site for looking for the informations
after i went to visite my familly in Effoulan (one quarter of my country)
I went to the church in on sunday at evening after the mass i went to prepare my week.
commentaire: ‘information’ est indénombrable en anglais, donc pas de ‘s’.

I went to the village for the new year celebration.
And last week end I went to a funeral.
commentaire: Perfect! sincères condoléances, néanmoins