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News: Japan Earthquake, fuel shortages, power cuts

panic buying: when people rush to the shops to buy food because they are afraid being too late to get any.

Japanese Tsunami

This report is not up to date. More than ten thousand lives have been lost so far in the disaster.

Tragedy in Cambodia

More than three hundred thirty people are dead and hundreds more injured after a stampede during a water festival in Cambodia’s capital. The nation’s prime minister is describing the deaths as the biggest tragedy since the communist reign of terror in the nineteen seventies. Thousands converged on Diamond Island Monday night for a concert celebrating the end of the rainy season. Witnesses and officials say the crowd began to panic when several people fell unconscious, setting off a rush to the bridge that leads off the island. Hundreds were either crushed under foot or fell into the river. Ambulances raced back and forth between the river and the hospitals for several hours, filling the city’s main medical facilities well beyond capacity.

The country has an under-developed health system, and hospitals are barely able to cope with daily medical demands – and that’s caused concerns that some of those that were badly injured may not get the treatment they need. Meanwhile crews are back at the festival site searching for anyone who may have drowned. Thursday has been declared a national day of mourning throughout Cambodia.

Good News: Chilean miners rescued

One by one, some forty minutes apart, the trapped miners in Chile are emerging from a half-mile under the ground and into a hero’s welcome. The first of the thirty-three came up just past midnight local time and by mid-morning, thirteen had climbed into the rescue capsule nicknamed ‘the Phoenix’ and taken the smooth ride to the surface
Still, the men have been taking stiff precautions – all are being watched for signs of panic during the ascent. They are also wearing protective sunglasses, along with compression socks to prevent blood clotting and sweaters for a drastic change in temperature from down below to up above.

You’re looking at the second man to come up. He said that during the sixty-nine days under the ground he was with both God and the devil; and he reached out for God. But these men and their families aren’t the only ones celebrating – the country has been swept up in the occasion – watching on screens in plazas and celebrating wildly throughout the night.

All of the men are being taken to hospitals for evaluations, and even their ambulances were greeted by bands playing for the country’s newest heros.

What’s next for these men isn’t clear – they have become instant celebrities and their mining days could be over. But for now the country is simply transfixed with getting them to safety – a task that could be over by the end of the day.

News: Hungarian Disaster

Hungarian police have detained the head of the aluminum company responsible for a flood of caustic red sludge that killed eight people. Police say they were questioning the managing director in suspicion of public endangerment causing multiple deaths and environmental damage. Hungarian prime minister victor Orban says his administration is freezing the
company’s assets. Orban says he wants to be sure funds will be available to compensate for the damages caused by the disaster.
Meanwhile, workers are building a containment wall to protect the village of Kolantar in case of a new flood of toxic sludge.
A reservoir at the aluminum company failed, causing the deluge and experts were worried about a second failure. Experts from sweden, austria and belgium are also on site to help the government assess the environmental damage.