job description: Software engineer

Utiliser l’outil de traduction Google pendant votre lecture. Now that so many of us have computers we tend to take them for granted. We turn them on and expect them to do work perfectly. But without computer software engineers, we’d be staring at empty screens. Most of these engineers are driven by an eager desire […]

job description : accountant (comptable)

If you have a knack for numbers you might consider a career as an accountant. Some accountants work for private citizens, helping them file their taxes and giving advice on general financial matters. Other accountants work for companies, either as outside consultants or as full-time employees. They handle the company’s financial records, overseeing budgets, payments, […]

job description: aerospace engineers

[youtube=] Since the Wright brothers’ inaugural flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903, aircraft have come a long way. Aeronautical engineers work on aircraft that operate within the Earth’s atmosphere, while astronautical engineers deal with spacecraft which operate outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The people who design and develop air and spacecraft, often called aerospace engineers, maybe […]