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Inseparable verb phrases (phrasal verbs)

Paul gives some examples of inseparable verb phrases. If it’s inseparable, that means that it is not possible to divide the verb and the preposition and put the subject in the middle.

In the video, we have an example:

the teacher went over the assignment (le prof a traité / a vu le devoir)

It is not possible to say *the teacher went the assignment over”

Phrasal verb: Get on (with)

In the video, I explain that the literal meaning of ‘to get on’ is like ‘monter’ in French – so ‘je monte dans le bus’ would be ‘I get on the bus’. Be careful, though, because it isn’t always the right translation for ‘monter’.
In English, we get on a bus, a train, a plane and a boat. But we get in a car, a taxi. Please don’t ask me why, there are linguistic explanations, but I don’t think it’s useful to analyse them, just learn them as they are!