Google Auto Complete – des questions fréquemment posées

Très intéressant (et amusant) de voir les questions qui posent les internautes sur Google! En-dessous le diaporama vous donne quelques exemples:

Tag Questions

A good way to acquire a good grammar. The tag always corresponds to the original sentence, so producing tag questions reinforces the question form of the tense being used. You are tired aren’t you? “aren’t you” is the tag. It is like ‘n’est-ce pas?’ in French, but changes according to the grammar used.

closed questions (questions fermées)

Closed questions are questions that can only be answered by “yes” or “no” (or “maybe”!). In English, it is more polite to use the appropriate auxiliary verb in your answer. If the verb is “to be”, there is no auxiliary, so you use “be” in your answer: (être: I am, you are, he is, she […]