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Superlatives: the biggest, the fastest etc…

Comparatives and superlatives are formed from the base adjective:

big (grand) –> bigger (plus grand) –> the biggest

Note that many small adjectives, (big, fat, thin, slim) double the final consonant in order to keep the same pronunciation of the first vowel.

Longer adjectives are different:

Intelligent –> more intelligent –> the most intelligent

Votre devoir:

The Guiness book of world records is full of examples of superlatives. Think of some questions to ask me and I will try to find the answers. Here are a few examples:

What’s the longest river in the world?

Who’s the oldest person in the world?

Which is the nearest star to our Sun?

Now it’s your turn. Leave your questions in the comments box.

Comparatives and superlatives

Note: I would find it quite normal to say clever – cleverer – cleverest, which contradicts the two syllable or more rule, but I can’t think of any other exceptions.