Grammar exercise: to be

Infinitive: to be Present simple: I am (je suis) I’m You are (tu es/vous êtes) You’re He is (il est) He’s She is (elle est) She’s It is (c’est) It’s One is (on est) One’s We are (nous sommes) we’re They are (ils/elles sont) they’re negative/question I’m not / am I? You’re not/ are you? […]

debutants: the verb ‘to be’

My name is Jonathan. I’m a teacher. I’m English. I’m from Birmingham. I’m 40. I’m married. I’m not very tall. My wife isn’t English, she’s French. My favourite sports are Cricket and swimming. I’m interested in music and insects. Positive: I am (I’m) He (he’s) She is (she’s) It (it’s) we (we’re) you are (you’re) […]