Comment prononcer les verbes réguliers au passé

Voici les règles pour la prononciation des verbes réguliers au passé (prétérit ou participe passé): Les verbes qui se terminent avec un son ‘vocalisé’ – le “ed” se prononce comme un simple ‘d’. Par ‘vocalisé’ je veux dire les sons où je dois faire vibre mes cordes vocales comme ‘n’ ‘m’ ‘b’ ‘y’ ‘r’ etc. […]

verb: use, uses, using, used

I like this video because it demonstrates that language is not learned, but acquired through use. The examples we see, the easier it becomes to intuitively create new sentences of our own. Note that ‘to use’ in French is ‘utiliser’, but we say ‘s’en servir’ which can’t really be translated into English, so we use […]

Adjusting, modifying: technical verbs

Try this quiz to discover a few verbs that we use to show how things can be changed. There are certainly are lot more that are not in the quiz, but we can see from the Germanic side of English there are many that can be formed from the adjective, plus ‘-en’: widen, shorten, thicken, heighten etc.