Nouns to verbs – an easy conversion!

Did you know that you can cut down many nouns in English that end in “-ation” to make a verb? This is useful because the noun form is the same as in French – so you can quickly learn a lot of verbs! Here are a few examples (and exceptions!):

communication – to communicate
demonstration – to demonstrate
articulation – to articulate
calculation – to calculate
penetration – to penetrate
stimulation – to stimulate
simulation – to simulate
location – to locate

annihilation – to annihilate
participation – to participate
dedication – to dedicate
hesitation – to hesitate
innovation – to innovate
animation – to animate
violation – to violate
irritation – to irritate

and here are a few exceptions:

information – to inform
consultation – to consult
examination – to examine

It’s also worth noting that every one of these verbs is regular, because they are Latinate words, and not Anglo-Saxon.