sow and sew

These two verbs can often cause problems for learners of English, even though they are not as common as a lot of other irregular verbs. They are both pronounced the same way, like the ‘o’ you can hear in ‘go’. Don’t let the spelling confuse you!

To Sow : French: ‘semer/ensemencer’
simple past: sowed
past participle: sown or sowed (both are correct)

Some expressions:

You reap what you sow : On récolte ce que l’on sème
To sow one’s wild oats: jeter sa gourme/Faire les quatre cents coups

To Sew : French : coudre/faire de la couture
simple past: sewed
past participle: sewn/sewed (both are correct and pronounce like ‘sown and sowed’ above)

I like sewing: J’aime faire de la couture

to sew up: recoudre

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  1. tank you sir for this example
    I make difference betwen sew and sow
    I will never forgot those words
    may God bless you

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