Around the House

Listen to the video and fill in the gaps in the text with the following words:

living room, bookcase, bungalow, garage, quilt, shelves, pictures, bedside, floor, coffee, sofa, wardrobe,

Hello. I’m going to tell you about my home. It’s a small house, a ___________ . A ___________ is a house with one __________, it doesn’t have an upstairs. It has three bedrooms, a ____________, a kitchen and a bathroom. There ‘s a big garden and a __________ where I keep my car and tools for the house and the garden. In my living room there is a _______ and two armchairs, a _________ table and a rug. There are a couple of plants and some __________ on the wall. There’s a television and a __________ . In my bedroom , there is a bed, of course, a double bed. There’s a _________ table and a lamp. There’s also a _______ . On the bed there are some pillows, a ________ and some sheets. In my bathroom, there is a wash basin, a shower and a bath. I have some ____________ where I put my towels.


    • I make the animations using a website called xtranormal. If you open an account, you will be able to make the videos directly on youtube, which is a great time-saver. Some of the sets and actors are free, but the best ones you have to pay for. It’s not expensive, though.

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