informatique: Learning English IT vocabulary

Many of you ask me to help you with professional vocabulary, and a popular topic is computing and IT (information technology).

You might know a few basic words already, like computer, software, hardware, hard disk. You can use the words you know to build up a big vocabulary. Mind-mapping is very useful for this.it_mindmap

Use a dictionary or the internet to add words that are relevant to you. My mind map is a very basic one, using just the words that you already know. But there’s no reason why you can’t extend the mind map with some very technical words – for example in Excel, you could add spreadsheet, calculate, pie-chart, graphs, etc. A programmer would need to add the languages used like cobol, pascal, C++, java.

Do your own research on the net to find the vocab you need. I can’t be a specialist in every subject, so I’m the best person to ask if you want to know about micro-biology or robotics…

Have a look at this article on mindmapping professional English:

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