learning specialised vocabulary

I am often asked for help with learning vocabulary related to a particular profession or area of expertise. However, I believe that all learners should be responsible for making their own glossaries or word lists. This is quite easy to do on the net. If for example you want to learn financial words to become a stock broker then the money pages on Yahoo! would be a good place to start. These sites have many different languages, so you can compare English words with your own. Just looking at related words in the right context can help you understand.

Make a list of words you want to learn in your own language, then look them up using an online dictionary. The best way to record these new words is in mind-map form. You can thus organise your vocabulary into words that are related. I have started a mind map about money, when I learn a new word, I will just write in the appropriate place on the map.

Whatever word group you would like to learn, try using mind maps. Don’t always rely on your teacher to give you new words. You should be spending your time with your teacher practising your new vocabulary, not asking for translations and writing them down!