Test your vocabulary: cars

Can you talk about cars in English? Take this quiz to see how good your vocabulary is (there are notes at the end):


1. The window at the front of the car:

2. The three pedals from left to right:

3. Something used to see what's behind you:

4. The flashing light that indicates that you are going to turn:

5. The place at the back for storing baggage etc

6. At the front of the car, the piece that opens so you can see the engine:

7. How do you say 'pneu crevé' in English?

8. The lights you use to warn other drivers of danger:

9. What you use to attach yourself safely in the vehicle.

10. The moving part that removes rain and dirt from the windscreen:


  1. I saw I’d forbiden there was 3 pedals in a car (I don’t drive for 5 years) and also I didn’t have the logical answer( question 1 and question 10)

    I’m happy because Ididn’t learn this vocabulary for a long time
    Is every day or every week questions ?

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