to have: consommer

We use the verb ‘to have’ to speak about eating and drinking. Do not try to translate directly from your language, just learn it by heart and use it. Although we English teachers insist that you learn your irregular verbs – eat, ate, eaten, drink, drank, drunk – very often just one word is enough, ‘have’:

What did you have for breakfast? – qu’as-tu mangé au petit déj?
I’ll have a hamburger and salad, please. – je prendrai un hamburger et une salade svp.

What’ll you have to drink? -qu’est-ce que tu veux à boire?


Follow this link for a video on the verb ‘to have’

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  1. merci, je suis très contente d’apprendre l’Anglais avec vous, avec votre methode c’est plus facile de comprendre.

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