Using “get” to express change of state

Get is the one of the most common words used in spoken English, and mastering it is one of the keys to speaking fluently.

When used with an adjective or a preposition, Get expresses a change of state – a past situation has changed. Here are some typical examples:

Past — change — Present
I was single — I get married —I am married
j’étais célibataire –je me marie — je suis marié

I was poor — I get rich — I am rich
j’étais pauvre — je m’enrichis — je suis rich

I was thin — I get fat — I am fat
j’étais maigre — Je grossis — je suis gros

I was in bed — I get up — I am up
j’étais au lit — je me leve — je suis debout


  1. Thank you very much Mr Lewis, i appreciate your effort in helping us to enhance our english vocabulary and grammar. Thank you.

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