go – went : useful sentences to talk about weekend, the holidays etc.

Le weekend dernier, je suis allé à Londres : Last weekend, I went to London.

J’ai fait du ski : I went skiing
J’ai fait de la natation : I went swimming
Je me suis baigné : I went for a swim.
J’ai pris un verre dans un bar : I went for a drink in a bar/pub
Je suis allé à Marseille pour acheter un manteau : I went to Marseille to buy a coat.
Je suis allé voir un film : I went to watch a film/movie

The mind map in the video:

Je suis désolé, on ne voit pas beaucoup dans la vidéo, les images sont trop petits. Vous pouvez quand-même télécharger l’image.


  1. I went to the market, mon p’tit panier sous mon bras, !!!!!! impossible not to remember this famous Gilles Vigneault’s song, it remains me the good old days …
    Anyway, in fact this morning I went to the market in Aspet, this charming little village of mine, I saw a friend and we went to have a coffee at the café, and we had a great moment inside, because you know the snow was still there outside.
    Thank you very much for your website, very useful Th.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mourad.
    I went to the cinema to see ‘Madagascar 2’ with my daughter. It was very funny!

  3. Iwent to algiers to see my family,it was very interesting for me this trip by car.But the difficulties was there ‘s no people spoke english;So with you,ihave a big chance to improve my luangage,thanks lot.

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