vocabulaire anglais: origines francaises 5

Here are some more words that show just how English was changed by the arrival of the Normans:

“ai” becomes “ea” in English:

raison – reason
saison – season
aigle – eagle
clair – clear
faible – feeble

“au” becomes “al” or “ol” in English:

faux – false
paume – palm
baume – balm
émeraude – emerald
dauphin – dolphin
échaffaudage – scaffolding

“eux” becomes “ous” in English:

généreux – generous
avantageux – advantagous
scrupuleux – scrupulous
rigoureux – rigorous

“aire” and “oire” become “ary” and “ory”

sécretaire – secretary
militaire – military
nécessaire – necessary
ordinaire – ordinary
histoire – history
gloire – glory
laboratoire – laboratory
inventaire – inventory
Gregoire – Gregory

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